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The Doctor
Hello friends,
We know this site looks bare. It is currently winter here in Australia (for those of our friends visiting our website from beyond our borders) and so it is cold at night dropping to zero celsius - and although we know this doesn't mean that Yowies are in hibernation, it doesn't mean that Extra Terrestrials are cold and aren't flying at the moment, it means that due to our ever increasing age and injuries over the year it is harder to get out and about.

But we are still investigating and attempting to get some content together to set up a weekly release once enough content has been obtained and edited to ensure that you always have something to come back to see on our YouTube Channel.

In saying all of that however, we want this site to be a great hang out site no matter where in the world you are, or what topic you want to talk about.

Which is why we have set up this Ideas and Suggestions section. This is a section that will allow you to share any ideas and suggestions you may have for this website that will allow us to improve it and make it better for anyone who has questions out there :)

There is no such thing as a stupid idea, okay yes there is we all know there is, but seriously anything and everything will be considered as we want you to feel 'at home' here, feel safe in sharing your experiences, and feel safe in sharing your thoughts and theories on all the topics we discuss.

So throw on your thinking cap, and consider sharing ways we can make this better for all :D

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