Experience Recent Sighting - Biddaddaba QLD

The Doc

The Doctor
Okay this is a recent sighting and was seen by myself and LoneWolf LoneWolf. We had just suggested the idea of the Y.A.P Research Team, and headed out to the first place we could think off to undertake an investigation.

We, along with his two kids Wolfpack Jack and The Hunter, went into the mountain range and just searching and talking about the possibilities. The telescope was out and we were looking at the moon and talking about equipment we could get for this entire set up. LoneWolf LoneWolf had spotted something weird in the telescope and as the kids were taking a look we both went to talk again and that is when a white/silverish disc flew across the sky below the tips of the surrounding mountains, was faster than anything else in the sky and disappeared within seconds.

Almost simultaniously we both said "What the heck was that" and turned to each other, we opted not to speak to each other about the flying disc we had seen instead we spoke to a third party telling what we saw separately and after hearing the description they declared to us that our stories were identical.

Unfortunately no footage as what we did have, we were still learning, and were pointed elsewhere - but it was a great way to start YAP coming home buzzing about what we had seen :)

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