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The Doc

The Doctor
Hello Truthers,
Yes that's what we all are - we are truthers because we have our eyes open and willing to accept the truth once all avenues have been explored. We have a couple membership upgrades available for people who wish to support us moving forward, as you can imagine this type of stuff is not cheap in petrol, yet alone the equipment etc.

We have split the memberships into groups:
  • The Ground Crew - which focuses on everything relating to the ground. So Yowies, Bunyip, Tasmanian Tiger etc.
  • The Away Team - which primarily focuses on everything in the skies above our heads;
  • The Spirit Squad - for the paranormal; and
  • The Cult of the Tin Foil Hat - made available for people who like to discuss conspiracies or just like to ask questions.
The reason we are posting this message is that when you purchase one of these upgrades, it will take you to PayPal where you can either make payment through your connected PayPal account or via credit card, we wish to inform that we have recently updated our name and contact details and therefore it asks if you wish to make a Contribution to Dad Man Australia - this should be rectified shortly to reflect YAP Research Team but we wanted to update you so it didn't scare you off.

We hope the systems are updated shortly and our name update will take place on the PayPal servers shortly.

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