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  1. The Doc

    Experience Recent Sighting - Biddaddaba QLD

    Okay this is a recent sighting and was seen by myself and @LoneWolf. We had just suggested the idea of the Y.A.P Research Team, and headed out to the first place we could think off to undertake an investigation. We, along with his two kids Wolfpack Jack and The Hunter, went into the mountain...
  2. The Doc

    Share your Ideas & Suggestions

    Hello friends, We know this site looks bare. It is currently winter here in Australia (for those of our friends visiting our website from beyond our borders) and so it is cold at night dropping to zero celsius - and although we know this doesn't mean that Yowies are in hibernation, it doesn't...
  3. The Doc

    What are some animals you believe exist?

    Thank you Phil - honestly I had never heard of the Bishopville Monster - but do have to say that it is a book I will be looking into. The Mothman honestly is one that interests me I love the idea of it and love reading about it... I for one just wish there were more sighting... although...
  4. The Doc

    What are some animals you believe exist?

    So obviously @LoneWolf and myself believe that Yowies are real and we will continue our hunt for evidence that proves their existence... but it has me thinking with all the reported creatures over the globe what are some that you believe in... you believe that people have seen but we are still...
  5. The Doc

    Information Membership Upgrades - Important

    Hello Truthers, Yes that's what we all are - we are truthers because we have our eyes open and willing to accept the truth once all avenues have been explored. We have a couple membership upgrades available for people who wish to support us moving forward, as you can imagine this type of stuff...
  6. The Doc

    Question Biggest Questions?

    Okay so let's for a moment take a chill-pill and pretend we are all on the same level. We all believe in spirits, we all believe in the after life, we don't know if it is heaven or hell or what but let's just all believe. What are some of the biggest questions that we will all still have...
  7. The Doc

    Question Has NASA's release of videos changed your mind?

    I have to say that personally it hasn't changed my opinion, but it is funny seeing people who were calling me weird, and a freak for believing in it years ago all of a sudden changing their tunes. Have you seen any of this happening in and around your circles as well?
  8. The Doc

    Question Has NASA's release of videos changed your mind?

    For years people who believed in Unidentified Flying Objects, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and the belief that Extra Terrestrial's were keeping an eye on planet earth were laughed at, mocked on late night talk shows and were the butt of many jokes... But in recent years we have seen the...
  9. The Doc

    E-Book Horror and Those who caused it

    The Y.A.P Team are pleased to be able to provide for you, with approval from its author, the pdf downloadable copy of 'Horror and Those Who Caused It!' at absolutely no cost. Blurb: History is filled with horrific acts, acts that have shocked the world, brought terror on the human race, and...
  10. The Doc

    Question What do you think 'they' are?

    So let us assume for a second that out there in the Australian bush, in places rarely ventured by man, there are cryptids that we don't know about. What is your theory of what is actually out there? What is replying to the calls of the Yowie Hunters? What is banging trees in reply to Yowie...
  11. The Doc

    Hey good looking - what you got cooking?

    Hey good looking - what you got cooking?