Horror and Those who caused it

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History is filled with horrific acts, acts that have shocked the world, brought terror on the human race, and have left us in utter disbelief at the events that have occurred.

Horror and those who caused it takes a look inside the stories of some of the world's most horrific acts. From Charles Manson and the Families murders of pregnant starlet Sharon Tate, to the 51-day siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, Reverend Jim Jones and the Mass Suicide of The Peoples Temple in Jonestown.

Horror and those who caused it takes you on an inside guide to some of the world's deadliest cults, spine -chilling details from killers such as Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur Massacre, Katherine Knight killing and skinning her husband before cooking his body as a meal, and one of Australia's Most Notorious killers Ivan Milat.

Horror and Those who caused it is the ideal book to accompany any collection.


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