About Y.A.P Research Team

About Yowie, Alien, Paranormal (Y.A.P) Research Team

Have you ever had a moment where it didn't feel like you were alone? Maybe you have been taking a leisurely stroll in native bush land and either saw or heard something that wasn't quite right! Possibly you were cooking a Barbeque in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon and saw something in the sky that you simply can't identify?

Sounds like a lot of assumptions and guessing on our part doesn't it. Some critics would even say that we were "clutching at straws" to make a connection... BUT these are not assumptions, these are not guesses, these are how numerous stories of sightings of spiritual apparitions, stories of the elusive Yowie, and reported sightings of unexplained phenomenon in the skies overhead begin.

The Y.A.P Research Team stands for the Yowie, Alien and Paranormal Research Team. We are a Queensland-based team whose primary objective is to document, investigate and report on everything that is strange and unusual. Our team members have over a half-a-century combined interest in the primary subjects we investigate, and are looking at putting that past interest in the subject to good use.

We are hunting for the Truth!

Using technological advancementss, specially designed for these purposes equipment and software are used by the Y.A.P Research Team are driving around the great state of Queensland to research reported UFO hot spots, sightings of the Yowie and other unidentified Australian Cryptozoological creatures, and suggestions of the paranormal. We head into each of our cases with an open mind, hoping that the evidence we catch will speak for itself.

The Y.A.P Research Team have created this website to keep all of our supporters up to date on our investigations, to provide any 'evidence' up for skeptics and critics can download the original source to scroll through their copy and paste answers of 'weather balloon', 'satellite', 'lens flare', and our all time favorite 'dust'.

Another aspect of this website, that we took into account when designing it was your ability to stay anomonous. On Facebook when wanting to share an experience you either have to create a 'fake account', join a closed/secret group, or put up with the ridicule. Here we would like you all to enjoy yourself, share your experiences without fear of ridicule from others.

You are amongst friends here, and it is 100% FREE to sign up for an account on our website to stay up to date with everything we are doing, and to be able to communicate with others out there, share experiences, and have your say on what some may post as evidence.

We do hope that you take the time to sign up and join us on our journey.