The Team

This is a place to meet the people behind the camera, website and everything else. Yes! It's time to meet the Y.A.P Research Team.

Lead Investigators


Adam is co-founder of the Y.A.P Research Team is the 'how-to' guy. If there is anythign that needs mounting, fixing or tweaked Adam, who goes by @LoneWolf, is the man the entire team turns to.
@The Doc

Brendon is co-founder of the Y.A.P Research Team and is the tech-geek of the team. Throughout videos and on this website he is known as @The Doc after being presented with an Honorary Doctorate in UFO Studies.



Tanya, who goes by the name, @TemptressTanya, is the lead researcher for the Y.A.P Research Team. When a new errie, spooky place is discovered, Tanya will delve into parts of the internet, and hit the phones to arm us with the information we need.

Carla, who on this website goes by the name @Carlapatra, also plays a role of researcher. @Carlapatra assists @TemptressTanya in research and also scouts locations for potential investigations.

Junior Investigators

Wolfpack Jack The Hunter
Jr. Unexplained